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IINE Sirius PC Controller Upgrade Hall Effect


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【Sirius PC Controller】

★ Support PC/Mobile/Switch/Steam/iPad/Laptop

★ Support 2.4GHz Bluetooth Wireless Connection

★ Come with Adaptor and Phone Holder for FREE

★ Individual Back Button to Change Different Platforms connection

★ Upgrade Hall Effect Joystick: No dead zone & No drif.t in a Lifetime

★ Adjustable 3 Level Hall Effect Linear Trigger

★ ABXY Mechanical Buttons

★ Changable D-pad and L Joystick Function: Recommend and can play more enjoyable in “The King of Fighters”

★ 6-Axis Gyro Sensor

★ Adjustable Vibration

★ Macro Programming Function

★ Auto-fire Function

★ Support Wake Up Switch