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IINE Nintendo Switch Samurai Black Controller



1.Wake up / Auto-fire/ Support PC steam
2.Wake up function: Press HOME button 2-3s to wake up
3.High-efficiency battery: Less consumption, More endurance
4.Meticulous workmanship, Nice touch feeling

【Auto-Fire Function:】
1.Manually Turbo: The first time please press the Turbo button + any action buttons, you can set the specified button to manually Turbo
2.Automatic Turbo: Repeat the first step to set the manual Turbo button to automatic Turbo
3.Cancel turbo function: Repeat the first step again to cancel the
Turbo function setting or press Turbo 5 seconds to cancel the Turbo function

【Lighting Adjustment】
1.Press the Turbo button, press down the joystick L3
Light Sequence: red, orange, green, cyan, blue, purple, colorful
Press down
2.Press the Turbo button, Double press down the joystick L3:
Mode Sequence: light monochrome conversion/ light colorful conversion/light off
3.Press the Turbo button. press the joystick down and hold L3 2s
Light brightness adjustment: 25%/50%/75%/100%

1.Increase vibration: Press Turbo + Directional button UP
2.Decrease vibration: Press Turbo + Directional button DOWN

When the console screen is off, the controller automatically sleeps
Without any operation within 5 minutes, the controller automatically sleeps
Press the HOME button for 3 seconds in Bluetooth mode, the controller will be disconnected

Size: 150.5mm x109mm x55mm
List: controller*1/1m charger cable*1/specification in English*1