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IINE 65W Dragon Ball Orange Gallium Nitride Video Converter Fast Charger

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【Informative Description】

★HDMI Video Conversion Charger.

★Can charge Switch.

★When you want it be a Converter Dock, connect with a HDMI and connect Switch/OLED with the cable we sent for free.

★ In TV mode, the switch is in sleep state and cannot be awakened from a black screen.

★ Converter function can only be used with our cable, other cables can't converter.

★If the joycon is plugged into the host, it is also in sleep . If you want to use it, please unplug the joycon from switch.

★Easy to use it.

★1 USB interfaces and 1 AC ADAPTER and 1 HDMI OUT




【Product Detail: Video Charger + Wire 】

♣Video Converter Charger *1

♣A Converter Cable (Type-C to C ) *1

♣Support Switch/OLED/Steamdeck