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IINE Nintendo Switch Taiko Drum Master

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【Informative Description】

1. IINE Taiko Drum Master:Beyond the feel of original product.

2. Specially designed bayonet:
While putting the water bottle to increase the load,Drumsticks can also be stored.

3. Specially designed drum stand:
The widened structure can make the Taiko more stable, but also in the gap add iron weights.

4. Standard plastic drum stick
The novice drum sticks have a lighter feel, even children are safer to play.

5. Suitable Switch \ PS4 \ PC

【Product Detail 】

1. Drum *1
2. 1.8m USB charging cable *1
3. Drumstick *2
4. Bracket side panel *2
5. Bracket cross plate *1


1. Will IINE Taiko Drum miss notes?

Not at all, if it missed notes when you play, please follow the tutorial below for hitting training.
If you are a green hand in playing Taiko, please use our configured drum stick, which can release our strength better, instead of long and pointed drum stick. Try to hit the left and right sides instead of the middle area, an invalid area, which will lead to missing notes.


2. Will hitting the middle of the IINE Taiko drum be insensitive?

The original Taiko drum, usually put on the Game Zone, is different from household Taiko Drum in structure and interior. The left and right sides of the drum surface are covered with sensors. In order to avoid resonance during play (commonly known as string key), there is no sensor in the middle of the drum. When playing, please hit the left and right sides instead of the middle surface.