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IINE Nintendo Switch Cartoon Wake Up Controller

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【Product details:】
★ 6-Axis Gyro Sensor
★ Wake up function
★ Headset jack
★ Auto-fire
★ NFC amiibo
★ Macro settings
★ Adjustable Vibration
★ Support Wired/Wireless connect to Nintendo Switch
★ Support PC Steam by cable


【Product Detail 】

▲Battery: 600 mAh
▲Using Time: 6 - 8 hours
▲Charging Time: 2 hours
▲Support : Nitendo Switch \ Nitendo Switch Lite
▲Size : 155mmx100mmx55mm
▲Come with a USB Cable and a Specification in English.

【 IF Drifting itself 】
1.Reset your controller, there is a small hole back of the controller( hidden a reset button in the hole) use a needle tie it.
Press the home button of pink amiibo controller to reconnect with switch.
2.Adjustment joysticks steps:System settings→Controllers and Sensors→Calibrate Control Sticks.
3.Set according to the Switch instructions ,Press down the joystick which you want to calibrate,Press X button to enter into calibrate.
4.Restar switch and reconnect with Switch.
5.Contact us to check the video about how to do that.